Isobel by A J Griffiths-Jones

Isobel by A J Griffiths-Jones

Author:A J Griffiths-Jones [Griffiths-Jones, A J]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-11-21T22:00:00+00:00


As the congregation of Saint Margaux residents prepared to leave church, Hubert Vidal, Simone Dupuis, Maurice Fabron and young Telo stayed behind to light individual candles for their dearly departed wife, sister-in-law and friend, Cecile Vidal. Flames sparked to life as each took their turn to say a silent prayer, all hoping that Cecile was resting in peace and that her killer would be brought to justice soon.

‘Hubert, will you join us for lunch?’ Simone whispered to the vineyard owner as the group made their way outside, each smiling and thanking the parish priest as they did so.

‘Thank you, Simone but, as this is the last Sunday before Cecile’s funeral, I plan to take the children out somewhere special. They were too upset to accompany me today and I feel a change of scenery will do them good.’

Madam Dupuis lowered her thick lashes. ‘Of course.’

The woman quickly turned, linking arms with Maurice and Telo. ‘Let’s go and see what Gaston has prepared for us. Hubert, please call if you need me.’

‘Thank you, Simone, and you too, Maurice, I couldn’t have got through the past few days without you.’

Hubert hugged Telo tightly to him and whispered, ‘Take care of your father, there’s a good boy.’


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