I'll Catch You by Farrah Rochon

I'll Catch You by Farrah Rochon

Author:Farrah Rochon [Rochon, Farrah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
ISBN: 9781459255340
Google: t3UhAgAAQBAJ
Amazon: B00GKBIPH8
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2013-11-30T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 9

Cedric gripped the edge of the bathroom counter and raised his head. He stared into the mirror, studying his reflection, doing his damnedest to make sure no evidence of the riot going on inside his head showed on his face.

If tonight didn’t kill him, he could get through anything.

A couple of days ago, when he’d invited Payton to accompany him to Torrian and Paige’s engagement party, it had been mostly about business. He knew the place would be wall-to-wall with industry professionals who would be more interested in talking football than celebrating the happy couple’s pending nuptials.

What Cedric had not anticipated was seeing Payton outside of her normal work mode. Gone was the briefcase and restricting business suit. Tonight she wore a seductive little black dress that hugged every curve and stopped just above her knees. After feeling those curves pressed up against him earlier today, all he could think about tonight was getting close to her.

When Payton had opened her front door in that silky, sexy dress, Cedric’s first instinct was to say to hell with the party and sequester them in her apartment. But one kiss—as unbelievable as it was—didn’t give him the right to expect anything more from her. And now he was forced to spend hours with her at this party, knowing what her lips felt like, how her mouth tasted, how her breasts felt inside his palm and against his chest.

And he couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

The door opened and his temporary sanctuary was instantly imbued with the noisy chatter that filtered in from the party. Torrian entered the bathroom, followed by Jared.

“Hey, you hiding out on us?” Torrian asked.

“Just taking a break,” Cedric answered. “It’s packed out there.”

“This is the place to be tonight,” Jared said. He clamped a hand on Torrian’s shoulder. “I think most people are still trying to figure out how you and Paige hooked up after that knock-down, drag-out fight you two had on her blog.”

Torrian had met his future wife, local entertainment writer Paige Turner, after she’d trashed his new book in a review on her blog. The fallout from their online squabble and a cooking competition the two had participated in on a local morning news show had kept all of New York glued to the television.

“Most of the people out there couldn’t care less that Paige and I are getting married. Other than a few family members and friends, the guest list was pure strategy on Paige’s part,” Torrian said. “That woman is always working some angle. She has every food critic in the city out there.”

“She’s a businesswoman.” Jared shrugged. “This restaurant is now her business.”

“And business has skyrocketed since she took over the restaurant’s marketing and PR. My future wife is definitely a savvy businesswoman. And speaking of businesswomen,” Torrian said, stepping up to a urinal. “That agent of yours is working the room. I told my agent he’d better watch out. Payton may steal some of his clients right out from under him.


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