Catherine Anderson - Comanche 03 by Indigo Blue

Catherine Anderson - Comanche 03 by Indigo Blue

Author:Indigo Blue [Blue, Indigo]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-10-28T07:55:50+00:00

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Chapter 13

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Jake went directly to the Wolfs' to speak to Hunter. Father O'Grady was out hearing confessions. Loretta greeted Jake with the same coolness she had that morning. Feeling uncomfortable, Jake didn't waste time on pleasantries before he went to the bedroom. After saying hello to Hunter and asking if he felt up to talking, Jake closed the door so Loretta couldn't overhear.

Taking care not to give a biased account of what had occurred, he told Hunter about the rock slide, how close a call it had been, and why he had restricted Indigo's activities.

As he finished laying the groundwork for the questions he meant to ask, Jake spread his hands and resorted to stark honesty. "I just left Indigo at the house. She's awfully upset." As briefly as he could and without bringing his past into it, Jake explained how he felt about women doing heavy work. "She thinks I'm using the rock slide as an excuse to keep her at home."

Hunter seemed to consider that. "If it were not for this danger, would you object to her mining or hunting in the woods?"

Jake shoved his hands into the hip pockets of his jeans. "I'd rather she had more conventional interests, but that isn't why I restricted her to the house. Marshal Hilton thinks Brandon Marshall is a card short of dealing with a full deck. He doesn't trust the man and told me to take every precaution. Since the shot that killed Lobo and the rock slide, how can I be sure she'll be safe at the mine or in the woods?"

"So this decision … it only stands until you are certain Brandon won't harm her?"

Jake nodded. "A temporary measure."

Hunter studied Jake for a long moment. "Why do you bring this to me?"

Jake laughed. "I want your opinion. Am I being unfair?"

Hunter smiled. "That is not for me to say. You are Indigo's husband."

"I want to be a good husband."

"With that wish to guide you, how can you fail?"

Jake wanted a direct answer, not talk that went in circles. "Do you think she might be in danger?"

Hunter nodded. "I believe it's possible. I also believe you have a good heart. Listen to the song it sings, eh? It is there that you will find the answers you seek."

Jake heaved a discouraged sigh. "I was really hoping you'd give me some advice, Hunter. She's your daughter."

"And I have given her to you."

Jake tipped h is head back and stared at the ceiling. "You tell me to listen to songs? I'm not even sure there's one inside me. And if there is, it's bound to be different than the one in you and Indigo. I don't understand her half the time. How in hell can I make sound decisions about her happiness?"

"You must find the way."

Jake met his gaze. "That's why I came here."

Hunter smiled again. "So I can show you? And after you have gone a great distance, what then? When you are deep into


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