Haunted by Rebecca Guy

Haunted by Rebecca Guy

Author:Rebecca Guy [Rebecca Guy]
Language: eng
Format: epub


PUMPING HER ARMS hard, feet slapping on the tarmac, Meredith pushed harder. Her heart pound, her chest hurt, and a stitch was starting up in her side.

Still, she pushed.

The children on the small village park were taking no notice of the woman who had sprinted several laps of the playground like she was being chased by a hungry sabre-toothed tiger. The parents, however, were probably a little more wary of the woman who was circling their children like a shark.

Well, I don’t care what they think, they don’t have a dead sister, a dead father, a mother who I’m sure should be classed as clinically insane, never mind a recovering alcoholic, a boss who’s head barely fits in a room, and a colleague who was supposed to be nice, but turned out to be just like everyone else. Oh, and a voicemail from their dead sister to boot!

Why, oh why could I not just have a normal friend to talk to, without the judgement and the accusation that I may need psychotherapy.

Her feet pound, her lungs burned, and sweat dripped from her forehead and dribbled down her cheeks as she pushed harder, angrier, trying to push out all the energy that threatened to eat her up.

Why does that normal friend who turns out to be a twat have to be one of the nicest people I have met for a long time, and one I get on with so much better than most? Why does he have to be so damn hot? Why does this happen to me? Every. Damn. Time.

Pound… pound… pound… pump… pump… pump…

There goes all the fun Meredith. There goes the light-hearted ‘leaving the mother and shitty life at home’ stuff. I may as well pack up and go home now.

Except that she had to get to the bottom of the whole Evie mess. This was exactly why she had pushed for the job in the first place.

Honour thy sister, Meredith.

Yeah, I’m starting to think to hell with that too.

She grit her teeth and pumped harder. The pain in her side now running across her middle and up to her chest.

Careful you don’t have a heart attack, eh, honey?

Maybe that would be for the best. If she dropped dead mum would have to sort herself out, and she wouldn’t be coming back to haunt her, she would leave that to Evie and enjoy the peace.

Hey, if you had a heart attack and died at least you could communicate with Evie properly, without the crap of flashing balls, Ghost boxes, and voicemails.

A grin spread across Meredith’s open mouth. That was better, she could feel her emotions calming as her body exerted itself to a capacity Meredith was sure that she had never pushed it to before.

She pushed more, the pain coursing through her legs and arms now too.

On the playground, a few of the children and most of the adults had stopped to watch her run. One of them had a phone up following her round like they’d never seen anyone running before.


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