Hard Fall by Sara Ney

Hard Fall by Sara Ney

Author:Sara Ney [Ney, Sara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Three Legacies, LLC.
Published: 2020-08-17T16:00:00+00:00



“Never have I ever made out with a guy in his parents’ house.”

I peek over at Buzz, who has his eyes trained on the road, and I replay his question in my mind. Have I ever made out with a guy in his parents’ house? “Never.”

He glances at me. “Never? Not even when you were younger?”

“Nope.” Let’s see, how do I explain this… “I grew up with parents who weren’t all that strict, because they weren’t really around. But, since everyone knew my dad—and my grandpa—not many guys wanted to mess with me. I mean, they wanted to date me because they liked going to the stadium and sitting in the owner’s box to see the games, but none of them actually liked me. I questioned everyone’s intentions, even as a kid.”

It’s a heavy answer for so early in the morning, but he started the game, so he gets what he gets.

“Dang. Okay, fair enough—makes total sense.”

We’re quiet for a few miles while I rack my brain. “Would you rather walk in on your parents having sex or have your parents walk in on you having sex?”

Buzz opens his mouth to speak. Closes it. “Those are two horrible options.”

“You have to choose.”

“There is no winning.”


He clamps his mouth shut, pressing his lips together. “I’d rather walk in on my parents, I guess—then I could clamp my eyes shut and not have to listen to my mother forever remind me that she walked in on me having sex. I would never live it down.”

I have to laugh at that. “And you would let them live it down if you walked in on Roger and Genevieve?”

“Rog and Gen don’t have sex.” He shakes his head. No.

“They probably do—Rog seems spry yet,” I tease. “You boys probably take after him.”

“First of all, don’t. Second of all, ew.”

“Did you really just say ew?”

He nods. “I did and I’ll say it again—ew.” Buzz continues watching the road, then says, “Never have I ever dated a professional athlete.”

I side-eye him; how quickly they forget. “Duh, I dated Marlon for five of the worst minutes of my life.”

“Oh that’s right, I forgot.”

We both laugh. “I take it you haven’t?”


Hmm. He is way too cocky.

“Never have I ever dated a celebrity.” I’m certain I’ve got him with that one, but his smirk is confident.


“Oh come on, you must have! Don’t all athletes date models and movie stars?”

“Not me.”

“I swear I saw you with some singer when I was—”

“Stalking me online? Nice! But no. We were photographed together, but we didn’t actually date. Our agents set it up—that happens a lot, actually. Anyway, she was a nutcase. I didn’t even bang her.”

“Bang her,” I deadpan. “How eloquent.”

“Sorry, I meant screw.”

He is too much. “Would you rather date someone with a high-pitched voice or someone with a masculine voice?”

Buzz looks irritated. “Where are you getting these godawful questions?”

I scoff. “Please, these are standard-issue would-you-rathers.”

“I can’t imagine which one would be less heinous. Which would I want whispering in my ear…?” He shudders.


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