Client Earth by James Thornton

Client Earth by James Thornton

Author:James Thornton
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: LAW034000, NAT011000, SCI092000
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Published: 2017-05-11T04:00:00+00:00

Harvey Jones skippered his boat in his estuary, but his eyes were set on a distant horizon: the next fisheries reform process. The recent round was more successful than he had hoped, particularly in its introduction of maximum sustainable yield. ‘Clearly chucking usable fish back in the sea is bonkers,’ he allowed, then went on to enumerate some of things he would like the lawyers to sort out next time around, ‘but the issue is how many you killed in the first place, not what you did with them afterwards. You need fully documented fisheries; you need to be managing by results not technical measures; you don’t measure my mesh size, you measure by how many fish you kill. Your scientist doesn’t need to be sitting on a boat, but he needs eyes and ears on a boat, and technology can provide that. It’s an excess mortality ban you need, not a discard ban.’

As his own hands on example of effecting change, he is running a scallop ranch further east, in Lyme Bay. That is in a special area of conservation, as is the estuary in which he was sailing. These marine areas were protected because ‘ClientEarth forced the UK government to implement laws they had signed on to — really clear, well written EU laws on what you had to do,’ Harvey reflected. ‘Other people I’ve spoken to have said this is the most important thing for marine conservation that’s happened in my lifetime.’


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