Chicken Farming : Profitable Chicken Rearing For Beginners: Raising Chickens For Meat And Eggs & Markets And Marketing Strategies by Okumu Francis

Chicken Farming : Profitable Chicken Rearing For Beginners: Raising Chickens For Meat And Eggs & Markets And Marketing Strategies by Okumu Francis

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Or incurring high and costly expenses on their treatment and or medication.

The Five Most Common Chicken Farming Mistakes A Farmer Should Aim To Avoid

‘We all make mistakes; we can never be right all the time and that is what makes us grow in life. But, blessed is the person who commits a mistake, learns from it, and commit to stay away from the same mistake in future. Second chances are never a guarantee in life’

F. Otieno

First Mistake: Rush to make quick returns

‘When you enchant People, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight’.

Guy Kawaski

Who doesn’t want quick and easy money? I guess that almost everyone anywhere would be in need of such quick and easy money. However, this is the top most reason where many Chicken farmers have gone astray: it is true that too much ambition may kill a man, especially if the ambition has no or little accompaniment of effort.

Truth be told, Chicken Farming is indeed a very relaxed and lucrative venture. However, in order to be successful at it, patience during the execution of the rearing venture is very much necessary. Any farmer who intends to make quick and huge returns out of this venture, without relevant inputs, is bound to be miserably, frustrated and must eventually, fail.

Second Mistake: Worrying about markets even before starting out chicken rearing

‘Worry has never won any battle. Stop Idolizing it’

F Otieno

How can you be worried about a market to a product that you do not even posses in the first place? It beats any viable logic. Generally, a number of successful and sustainable business enterprises are mostly, driven by passion, and not any anticipated huge returns.

When you have passion for what you do, then the proverbial the sweet and juicy fruits of your passion will eventually follow. Finding a lucrative market would not take long before being realized.

Third Mistake: Purchasing of already-egg-laying birds for commercial egg production

‘Advice for anybody - enjoy what you are doing, enjoy the process of learning and don't be impatient’

Robin Cousins

The egg laying chickens do start to lay eggs at the age of between 19-24 weeks. However, there are certain breeds which may start to lay the eggs at the fourth month, while others may start to lay eggs beyond the sixth month. Some indigenous chicken breeds do start laying eggs from one year and above.

When egg-laying chickens begin to lay eggs, it is usually very difficult for an average farmer to tell the exact age of those birds. It can therefore be very possible and at the same time heartbreaking, for an average farmer to purchase a bird approaching its egg-laying-menopause, if purchases are made at the egg laying stage.

It is notable that chicken do slow down on their egg laying as they age and in order to maintain their egg production at that stage, then a lot of care would be needed which may end up eating on a farmer’s resources.


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