By Design by J.A. Armstrong

By Design by J.A. Armstrong

Author:J.A. Armstrong [Armstrong, J.A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Amazon: B00W2QDISQ
Publisher: J.A. Armstrong Books
Published: 2015-04-12T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven: Wishing You Were Here

Candace played with the glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose. She was making every attempt to concentrate on the papers in front of her. It had been a long and tedious day that lingered in the middle of what had already become an arduous week. She pulled off her glasses and rubbed her tired eyes. Only one more week before the holiday break. She was looking forward to a slight reprieve. She was not at all sure that four days at Marianne’s home would provide any tangible refreshment.

“Senator?” Susan’s voice broke through Candace’s private musings.

“What is it, Susan?”

“Dana is here.”

“Send her in.”

Dana walked into the senator’s office and regarded the dark circles under Candy’s eyes. “Long day?” she asked.

Candace looked up and offered her friend a half-hearted smile. “Long life,” she quipped. Dana nodded her understanding just as Candy’s cell phone buzzed. Candy held up a finger to her friend to give her a moment. “Yes?” she answered the phone a bit playfully.

“Good afternoon, Senator Fletcher,” Jameson’s voice greeted.

Candace smiled at the sound. Dana watched the transformation and wondered what its cause might be. “What can I do for you?” Candace asked just as her office door opened, and Susan peered in.

Susan held up a paper bag. “Did you order Chinese?” she asked in confusion.

“I don’t know,” Candace said. “Are there chicken wings in that bag?” she asked.

“There are,” Jameson answered on the line.

Candace looked at Susan who was rummaging through the bag. “How many fortune cookies in that bag?” she asked.

“Looks like four or five,” Susan answered.

“Let’s hope they don’t all predict friends from my past,” Candace chuckled.

“I’m sorry?” Susan asked.

“It’s fine, Susan. Just set it down,” Candace instructed as she returned her attention to the phone. “Any predictions?” she asked Jameson.

“Only that you will be eating Chinese food.”

“Um. Is this your peace offering for that mangy feline that Pearl is already attached to?” Candace asked.

“He’s not mangy, and you were an equal party to that agreement,” Jameson reminded the senator.

“So, I was,” she admitted.

“Your email seemed….well, you just seemed tired,” Jameson said.

Candace noted the concern in the architect’s voice. “Long week.”

“It’s only Wednesday,” Jameson said.

“Exactly. Thanks,” Candace replied gratefully.

“It’s not much.”

“The only thing missing was the usual delivery driver,” Candace said honestly.

Jameson smiled at the endearment. “She is working with a very demanding client right now. Doesn’t give her much time to moonlight.”

Candace laughed. “Sounds like a bitch.”

“No, but I certainly don’t want to disappoint her.”

Candace closed her eyes and inhaled the compliment. “I don’t foresee that in your future.”


“No, but I do see you on a plane this weekend,” Candace said.

“Is that so? You already opening dessert?” Jameson asked.

“Maybe I am….let’s see – it says, a lunatic will crash your Christmas party.”

“Shell is headed to D.C.?” Jameson asked.

“I was thinking of a certain snarky architect.”

“She might be moonlighting that night,” Jameson replied. “She relies on tips; you know?”

Candace laughed. “Well, let her know that there will be a tip as to the itinerary in her email later this afternoon.


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