Before Atlantis by Frank Joseph

Before Atlantis by Frank Joseph

Author:Frank Joseph [Frank Joseph]
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Although the Megalithic Age spread from Armenia to Egypt and Germany, its Western European birth occurred along the continental shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Contemporaneous with Nabta Playa and the Goseck Circle, the megaliths’ early profusion and concentration along continental coastlines from Iberian to Scandinavian coasts correctly implies their identification with maritime peoples on the move.

The early fifth millennium BCE dispersal of human populations via long-distance sailing routes is established by the premiere settlement of Malta—some eighty miles across open water from Sicily—during the Għar Dalam phase (circa 4850 BCE) when the island’s first structures, the Skorba temples, were built. In fact, the Atlantic Neolithic period began with the earliest megalithic construction in Portugal, at the municipality of Évora, just south of the important Tagus River, eighty-seven miles from Lisbon. There, the Almendres Cromlech, among the largest group of menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the biggest in Europe, may still be visited.*8


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