Bear by Robert E. Bieder

Bear by Robert E. Bieder

Author:Robert E. Bieder
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Reaktion Books

A polar bear looking in through the window of a car, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, 1997.

The polar bear is still the monarch of the realm of ice and snow. This is what the Inuit know and tourists and oil company workers still have to learn. The polar bear is the only bear that stalks humans. On dark nights in blowing snow or even in the dusk that passes for daylight in the Arctic winter, the white bear is a silent killer – something its victims often learn too late. Despite guards with rifles (who are sometimes called ‘bear bait’ in jest), hired by oil companies to watch for bears around Arctic oil rigs and to protect scientists studying ice formation and ocean currents, bears still kill or maim those who make mistakes or are ignorant of Nanook’s behaviour.

The Kwakwaka’-wakw transformation bear mask of the Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia, Canada. Mask closed.


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