Anthology by T J

Anthology by T J

Author:T J [J, T]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-01-16T23:45:35.737000+00:00

She was playing with fire. Mia acknowledged the danger even as she locked her arms around his neck and brought her mouth down on his.

The hard ridge jerked under her thigh. Brent gave a small grunt and moved his hands down to cup her bottom. He eased her over an inch or two. Positioning her. Stoking her. Exploring the small indentation in her left cheek.

It was the damned dimple that brought her to her senses. With a ferocious effort of will, Mia wiggled back and put some distance between them.

“We’d better stop,” she got out on a husky note. “I’m, uh, not certified for deep water dives.”

The joke was corny but conveyed her message. Brent blew out a long breath.

“Guess we’d better get you certified before we take to the water again,” he said ruefully.

“Guess so. Ready to go back inside?”

His mouth tipped into a wry grin. “Give me a minute.”


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