Train Your Brain by Paul Hammerness

Train Your Brain by Paul Hammerness

Author:Paul Hammerness
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Published: 2020-04-17T18:38:24+00:00


When we succumb to our impulses, we are allowing our emotions to respond unchecked to a request for our attention and then to drive our behavior without stopping to think about our options and make a thoughtful choice. While our brain machinery is complicated, a simple formulation is that we are each unique when it comes to our natural and learned abilities to catch our impulses, activate a thinking process, appreciate the signals our emotions are sending us and make a conscious choice of what to do about this request for our attention.

The field of emotional intelligence has taught us much about how to self-regulate or self-manage our emotions—how to get into control, learn and direct our emotions in the most productive fashion. People vary widely in their abilities to be aware of and manage their emotions. Those with a lower level of ability will succumb more often to impulses, making an unhealthy choice like eating too many cookies, getting sidetracked by phone calls or texts, or lashing out prematurely or angrily at a slight by another.

Our ability to put on the mental brakes and regulate our emotions and behaviors also declines when our energy flags or when we are tired, hungry or stressed out. It can evaporate completely when we are gripped by strong emotions or feel helpless or vulnerable. So what can we do to put our brains in charge, honor our emotions and make the best choices?


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