The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus by Allison Dale C. Jr

The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus by Allison Dale C. Jr

Author:Allison, Dale C., Jr.
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2011-03-23T16:47:00+00:00

My manner of argument will seem to many to be far too easy, indeed simplistic, and a turning back the clock to less critical days. My defense, however, is this. If the primary sources produce false general impressions, such as that Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet when he was not, or that Jesus was Israel's redeemer when he had no such thought, then the truth of things is almost certainly beyond our reach. If the chief witnesses are too bad, if they contain only intermittently authentic items, we cannot lay them aside and tell a better story. Given how memory works, how could we ever feel at ease with a Jesus who is much different from the individual on the surface of our texts? Wrong in general, wrong in the particulars. In order for us to find Jesus, our sources must often remember at least the sorts of things he did and the sorts of things that he said, including what he said about himself. If the repeating patterns do not catch Jesus, then how can he not forever escape us?


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