The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell

The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell

Author:Alex Mitchell
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rodale
Published: 2011-04-14T16:00:00+00:00

Be a city farmer

Of course, we don’t all have a handy empty warehouse or communal apartment-house roof above our heads that is capable of carrying a 6 in. layer of soil, nor do we share the inclination to do something so ambitious, but there are elements of big projects like this that are worth applying even to a small balcony or roof terrace. You can still set up a surprisingly impressive urban garden in the sky, not only bringing plenty of delicious fresh food to the table, but also creating a more sustainable environment, saving rainwater, making potting mix, or even keeping your own bees.

When it comes to choosing crops, novice rooftop city farmers might want to concentrate on those that are particularly productive, such as kale, new potatoes, and tomatoes, and on those you can grow in succession for a rolling supply. You’ll also want to make the best use of every possible inch of growing space you have—by interplanting, underplanting, and finding other cunning ways in which you can fit in as many crops as possible. When it comes to containers, bigger is better—if you have the space, and weight restrictions allow, why not even try raised beds?


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