Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming by Frank Holzman

Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming by Frank Holzman

Author:Frank Holzman
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781538105993
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Perennial flowers are peculiar and often difficult to grow. Many require being planted on the surface of the potting soil and watered with a fine mist. It is good to freeze the seed for 48 hours to trick them into germination after a winter chill. The bag method helps them to germinate. This is discussed in the chapter on propagation (chapter 6). Delphiniums require darkness for germination. Most alliums are started indoors and transplanted with a dibble. You can make one from a hardwood branch.

Garlic is the exception. These are best planted in the fall in my area. Alliums do not do a good job of covering the bed to keep weeds out like other plants. A lot of mulch and diligent weeding is required. Garlic is a high maintenance plant that responds well to the care I give it. Herbs are often easier to grow if annual or biennial. Many of the umbellifers will reseed themselves and come up the following spring. Dill, cilantro, and parsley are good at this. They often reseed themselves, which produces volunteers for the next season. These volunteers are good for providing extra plants that can be moved into empty spaces in beds.

Caring for plants properly brings the same results as caring for anything that is alive. The stages of growth in plants require different amounts of attention. From seedlings to transplant is a fragile time. Plants are tender, yet vigorous. The delicate new life has an excitement and vitality of life about it. They are easy to impact and more sensitive to climate and their environment. This is a time when fertilizing will have the biggest impact. It is also easier to overfertilize; weekly supplements especially during a waxing moon bring desired results.

Fish emulsion, compost, or comfrey tea diluted is good. As plants are developing into maturity, they can and should be in their optimum health. An established nutrient base is most effective now. This is where you see the effects of soil preparation and proper irrigation. New growth is important for the plant to become well established. It is time to train and help the plant create the environment that supports healthy growth.

Once the plant reaches maturity, it moves into the reproductive phase. The shift in energy is toward procreation more than growth. All living things want to reproduce; that is their objective. Seed production is where they are headed. It is easier to see this in annuals. For them, it is one season, one big fast performance. Perennials are less in a hurry and focused more on adaptability. They move in the direction of affecting their environment. Whereas annuals are more affected by their environment, the energy of trees and shrubs has more of a relationship with wildlife, such as birds and small animals. Trees and shrubs can be used to establish boundaries and give definition to the surrounding area. The shift from short-term plantings to long-term ones is like moving from season to season rather than from month to month. They both have their place in the overall scheme of things.


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