Loren Cunningham: Into All the World by Geoff Benge & Janet Benge

Loren Cunningham: Into All the World by Geoff Benge & Janet Benge

Author:Geoff Benge & Janet Benge [Benge, Geoff & Benge, Janet]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Biography, History
ISBN: 9781576581995
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Publisher: YWAM Pub.
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Chapter 11

The First Wave

The wedding date was set for June 14, 1963, and Loren had a lot to do before then. He wanted to buy a house, not to live in but as a small nest egg for him and Darlene, and he began looking for a reasonably priced place. He found a four-bedroom home in La Puente that seemed to be a solid investment and scraped up enough money for a small down payment. His father cosigned the mortgage with him, and then Loren rented out the house. Once this was done, Loren turned his attention to the upcoming Youth With A Mission projects.

Although YWAM had sent out twenty vocational volunteers, it was a long way from the waves of young evangelists Loren had in mind. Loren was determined to do something about it. Recalling the great time he had had in the Bahamas with the quartet, he decided to organize a summer outreach there for the summer of 1964. Ideas for the outreach came thick and fast. They would call it a Summer of Service and invite one hundred young people to join them for two months of evangelism and hard work. With enough effort, Loren was convinced that they could reach every home on each of the more than thirty inhabited out islands as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Over Easter, just two months before his wedding, Loren flew to the Bahamas to set up the outreach. The local churches were enthusiastic and offered to help in any way they could. It did not take long before itineraries were settled, transportation arranged, and housing finalized for the team of young people.

Loren planned two other YWAM Summer-of-Service outreaches as well. One was a door-to-door outreach in twelve cities in Utah, and the other involved a team that would go to the Dominican Republic. That would certainly keep everyone busy!

When Loren returned from his planning trip in the Bahamas, wedding plans were in high gear. He was grateful that Darlene and her mother had things well under control, and everything went off without a hitch. Loren grinned for nearly the whole service, for which both his father and Pastor Scratch officiated. Phyllis sang a solo, and Janice lit the candles. But best of all to Loren, Darlene was standing beside him looking stunning in a white silk gown and veil. Loren could not imagine a more perfect wedding, or reception for that matter. Both Aunt Sandra and Aunt Arnette attended the wedding. This was the first whole-family wedding, and everything felt so complete.

The honeymoon mirrored the thing that mattered most to Loren. The couple spent a weekend in Carmel, California, before setting out on a mission trip through Europe and Asia. As they traveled, they went to many of the places Loren had visited on his earlier trips. How good it was this time to have someone to share his insights with.

When they returned to the United States, Loren and Darlene threw themselves into the work of planning the first Summer of Service.


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