Falling Fast by Unknown

Falling Fast by Unknown

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“Oh, thank you for that, Kade!” Shana beamed at him as he climbed in his seat, put up his hat and slammed closed the truck door. “He never would have come along unless you’d found a way.”

“You’re welcome, honey, but what I suggested wasn’t brain surgery. I know Sam’s hardheaded, but when you’re talking money, Sam always wants a way to win. Plus this thing with Kylee, well, it’s complicated.”

She squeezed his arm, ecstatic she was hired, officially. “You’re the magician who got him to sign.”

Kade turned the ignition. “Not hard to do.” He traced a finger down her cheek as he spun to back the truck out of the driveway. “But whatever happened between him and Kylee was explosive.” He pulled out onto the main road, frowning. “As far as I can tell, it happened more than a decade ago, too, but Sam has never let it go.”

Shana didn’t want to probe. She had enough of her own history she didn’t talk about, let alone prying into someone else’s. Still, the fact that Sam could hang on to anger for ten years upset her and reminded her that Kade, if he knew who she really was, might carry a grudge bigger than Sam’s. With one difference. “Sam loved her badly.”

“Yeah, plain as the nose on his face, isn’t it? From what I can piece together, his wife had been dead quite a few years when he met Kylee. Fast love affair, so say a few folks in town.

Anyway, Sam loved her more than a lot. And she walked out on him. Don’t know what or how.

But she left, no explanations. Few people have ever stepped on Sam’s toes and lived to tell the tale.”

“Willa doesn’t seem to know what it was.” Shana scolded herself at the mention of the young woman, whose immature possessiveness of Kade had riled her so that she’d vowed not to bring her up.

“Willa thinks she knows more than she does—and she’s always surprised when the world doesn’t turn precisely the way she expected.”

Shana stared straight ahead, refusing to ask anything about his involvement with Willa.

Just because I’ve made love with this man three times today does not mean I have the right to ask anything about a woman who obviously cares for him.

Kade took Shana’s hand. “Shall I tell you about Willa and me?”

“No, you don’t have to.”

“How about if I want to?”

Shana shook her head. “You don’t owe me, Kade. But yes, I’d like to hear.”

They were approaching the turnoff to his house, headed back toward Main Street and the B&B, but he pulled over into a grove of live oaks and pampas grass. In the leafy seclusion, he parked and put his arms around her shoulders. “Look at me, Shana. There. God, I love your blue eyes, honey. Don’t be sad or mad or jealous. Truth is, Willa has dreams that aren’t gonna come true. Ever since I got here, she’s set her sights on me, and I am not a man to be led.


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