Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March

Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March

Author:Meghan March [March, Meghan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Beneath Series, Book 6
Publisher: Meghan March
Published: 2016-03-21T16:00:00+00:00

MY EYES FLICKED OPEN BUT the rest of my body stilled. Heat radiated against my back, and a heavy arm rested on my side.

Oh my God, I’m in Bishop’s bed. I repeat— In. Bishop’s. Bed.

I scanned the room for a clock but saw nothing that could give me a hint as to the time. Last night, we’d eaten stir-fry off of mismatched plates and talked about my list until I could barely keep my eyes open. At one point, I was a little concerned I’d fall asleep midsentence and face-plant in my food.

I don’t have a problem with carrying you home, Bishop had started to say, but I didn’t remember anything after that.

He must have tucked me into his bed and called it a night.

I’m in Bishop’s bed.

If I had to guess whether Bishop made a habit of letting women spend the night, my answer would be an unequivocal no.

So, what was this?

He shifted, and a thick, hard ridge pressed into the crack of my ass.

Oh my God. His morning wood felt just as big as I remembered from last night.

“Mornin’.” Bishop’s voice was rough from sleep, and sounded even more delicious than it did normally.

“Good morning,” I replied before clamping my mouth shut. I had to have horrible morning breath.

“You passed out after dinner last night. I decided you were sleeping in my bed.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but shut it again.

“You okay?”

My response was a nod.

Bishop’s eyes clouded with confusion for a beat before clearing. “Ah, I’m killing you with my breath.” He picked his arm up and rolled to the side. “Sorry ’bout that.”

I didn’t speak until he was firmly out of my bad-breath trajectory. “Not you, me. Do you have an extra toothbrush?”

All thoughts of brushing my teeth died when he pulled an elastic from his hair. The golden-brown waves fell around his shoulders, and he shook them out.

Holy. Fucking. Hell.

Everything in me screamed to throw myself at him and climb him like a tree. That was the guy who’d given me the best non-self-induced orgasms of my life. That was the guy who said he’d help me check the items off my list. That was the guy who’d spooned me last night.

“You’re beautiful.” My voice was quiet, almost reverent.

Bishop froze. “What?”

“You’re beautiful. I just thought you should know.”

“Guys aren’t beautiful, cupcake.”

“That’s not true, because some definitely are. You’re one of them.”

He shook his head. “Goofball. You want to shower here again? I did throw your clothes in the wash before I climbed in bed. They shouldn’t take too long to dry. I’ll run down and grab donuts and coffee, and you can wait up here.”

“You’re . . . not going to tell Fabienne I spent the night, are you?”

A hard mask slipped over his features. “Why would I tell her?”

“I don’t know. I just . . . She’s my new boss and I’m still working on making a good impression. I don’t want her to think I took the job just so I would see you.


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