Cover Crops for Sustainable Farming by Eric Justes

Cover Crops for Sustainable Farming by Eric Justes

Author:Eric Justes
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht

Crop Rotations and Fallow Period Types

Three types of fallow period were defined on the basis of the the previous-next pairing (previous main crop-next main crop):Wheat-maize: long fallow period after summer harvest;

Oilseed rape-Wheat: short fallow period with sowing of the next crop in the autumn;

Maize-Maize: long fallow period with late harvest of the previous crop.

The wheat is winter wheat – either common or durum – and the maize is grain or silage maize, depending on the region considered.

These three typical rotations represent, first of all, a significant surface area in French arable cropping systems and, secondly, the range of fallow period durations for which a cover crop can be planted. Finally, they are found in every region of France, although their surface areas vary.


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