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– OCTOBER – Marvels of the Darkness THE CITY FELT DIFFERENT on this October night. The fog and darkness sharpened the senses. And as I stood on a footbridge linking ...
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25. Erturk, E., Gökçöl, C.: Fourth-order compact formulation of Navier-Stokes equations and driven cavity flow at high Reynolds numbers. Int. J. Num. Meth. Fluids 50(4), 421–436 (2006)CrossrefzbMATH © The Author(s), ...
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Chapter 7 Predators and Humans The crisp morning in early November started like many others, Craig Condron recalls. He was hunkered behind a scrum of logs and brush, rifle in ...
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epub |eng | 1957-06-15 | Author:Hoffmeister, Donald Frederick, 1916- & Mohr, Carl Otto, 1902

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Directions The park has four entrances. From I-25 take exit 132A, then proceed east on CO 16 for 0.5 mile. Exit to the US 85 junction; turn right on US ...
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epub |eng | 2022-12-21 | Author:Malgorzata Lekka, Daniel Navajas, Manfred Radmacher, Alessandro Podestà

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As in a classic thriller, the two heroes already seem to have lost the race when Linus Pauling publishes a proposal for the structure of DNA in early 1953. But ...
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“SUBTLE” IS NOT “TRIVIAL” Compared to energetic or immunological stressors, psychosocial stressors can be harder to define and conceptualize. The ways we have conflated subtle and trivial are part of ...
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A FEW YEARS BEFORE SAUSMAN embarked on her project, another Southern Californian hatched a similar plan to create a miniature version of nothing less than the largest cat in the ...
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Mushrooms contain ergosterol, which is a substance that can convert to vitamin D. When exposed to the sun, mushrooms can convert this provitamin into the more useful vitamin D. This ...
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SUPPORTING THIS BEE Supplying queens with pollen as they emerge from their winter hibernation helps nourish them as they gather strength. The colonies they build then need nectar and pollen ...
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18 It’s Time to Pay Up A WHIFF OF FLOWER POWER always accompanies methods that tread gently on the land—the suggestions sound attractive but are not taken seriously. I get ...
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Health IN SICKNESS AND WELLNESS I am always begging my body not to be so broken but my body just laughs because it knows who started this war. —FORTESA LATIFI, ...
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Chromulinavorax destructans Destructive golden algae devourer (in golden alga, nine hours after infection) Shape: Spherical Diameter: 350 to 400 nm (nanometers) CHROMULINAVORAX DESTRUCTANS is a kind of zombie bacterium, bobbing ...
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