Cognitive Psychology
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CHAPTER 14 Power in the Arts The great works of art, music, and architecture that have come down to us through the centuries are enduring representations of the effect of ...
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Bacteria are not just found in our guts, they are all over us. The Belly Button Biodiversity project, run from North Carolina State University in the USA, has found over ...
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Sequence Your Thinking The process we recommend for deciding when to use the big guns is a sequential one. Our preferred sequence, not surprisingly, is to start with clearly defining ...
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Assessing Intellectual Functioning Despite the debate regarding what is the prevailing theory of human intelligence, using individually administered standardized tests of intelligence that have a comprehensive set of tasks and ...
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Education According to the Gestalt approach (see Wertheimer’s Productive Thinking, 1945), the learner perceives the learning situation as a whole. So, the teacher should present the learning situation as a ...
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Toward a Neuroscience of Compassion A Brain Systems-Based Model and Research Agenda YONI K. ASHAR, JESSICA R. A N D R E W S - H A N N A ...
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The Long Now Foundation Established in 1996, the Long Now Foundation29 promotes thinking about the future on a grand scale. The foundation seeks to counterbalance the present orientation in vogue ...
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4 The Receiver: How Can You Improve Your Concentration? The American psychologist Burrhus Skinner (1904–1990) was convinced that concentration can be conditioned, just like you can condition a dog to ...
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Contents Life is good, or memory makes it so Terminology in research on motivated forgetting Factors that predict motivated forgetting Factors that predict memory recovery Recovered memories of trauma: Instances ...
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This porousness is used in one area only: for private conversation with God. To revise one’s theory of mind in this way, even though it is “not radically different,” requires ...
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Specifically, the birds were trained to discriminate sequences rising in pitch (with tone timbres in the order O, C, T, S, where O = oboe; C = choir “aah”; M ...
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As Ebbinghaus had predicted, then, it appeared that under some circumstances memory can be virtually permanent (see also Conway, Cohen, and Stanhope, 1991). Moreover, Bahrick provided evidence that this impressive ...
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Then he asked them whether the lines on the right card were shorter or longer than the line on the left card. Nine of the ten people worked for Asch, ...
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