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NATURAL CONSCIOUSNESS Unannounced and unaccompanied by a proper definition, the word “consciousness” has acquired multiple meanings and become a bit of a linguistic nightmare. This young English word did not ...
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The Development of Epistemic Cognition Individuals develop their ideas about knowledge and knowing—their epistemic cognition—over time and in patterned ways. A simple way to understand the progression is through a ...
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Interrupted Brains In a city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate. – Lyrics to Palo Alto, Radiohead, 1998 In the time it takes you to read this section, ...
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Schuchert's substantive uniformitarianism and the logical constrictions it entailed are in full evidence here. On the one hand, he denied that large-scale drift had occurred. On the other hand, he ...
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The Transcendent Aspect Another important characteristic of the community-forming process, as I have observed it, is its transcendence, or spirituality. These are words that, in earlier years, I would never ...
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The Idea of a Husband At a banking conference in Hong Kong, I was seated at dinner next to a brilliant young banker. She was 37 years old and enjoying ...
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The Revolutionary Hero The revolutionary hero reorders the protective structure of society, when the emergence of an anomaly makes such reordering necessary. He is therefore the agent of change, upon ...
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Part III POSTABYSSAL PEDAGOGIES 10 GANDHI, AN ARCHIVIST OF THE FUTURE On the Need for Intercultural and Interpolitical Translation Intercultural translation has a central role to play in the epistemologies ...
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CHAPTER 13 Discussion of the Dreams1 of the Renaissance Scholar Girolamo Cardano2 Paper by Dr. E. Levy3 Dreams, by date, in the sequence taught and Cardanus’s age page 1. ca. ...
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5 POWER: THE DIVIDING FORCE Marco’s Rebellion Marco began to hate the police. Again, they had pulled him out of his community and embarrassed him in front of his peers. ...
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The Great White Whale of the Cognitive Elites: Finding Deficiencies in Trump Voters Despite the low yield of the psychological research attempting to link conservatism with negative psychological traits, the ...
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Baptiste texted her during the day, and in the evenings. Innocent little notes. Eating at Clementine, and a photo of the eggs lying on a biscuit and a thick slice ...
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