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Puzzles, Koans and Paradoxes If someone who is teaching you sets the homework assignment for next week as “show me your face before your father and mother met,” you might ...
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Blackstone sat with his hands folded, his two index fingers pointed toward the ceiling as he tapped his lips. A moment passed before realization flickered across his face. “It was ...
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25 Wendy There’s a single, sad cupcake in the center of my kitchen island, with gloppy white icing and sprinkles that look out of place; so colorful in a gray ...
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THE NEW IMPERATIVES Think Globally There are a number of “imperatives” confronting you today: dictates you either respect, or face dire consequences. Lifting the level of your thinking is one ...
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Air-Search Radar Located on top of the Fletcher class’s foremast (just above the surface-search radar) was an air-search radar antenna. The radar set itself, depending on the model, received the ...
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The Rise of Parthia The Seleucids and Alexander’s other successors were not the only claimants to the territories of the old Persian Empire. In the steppes east of the Caspian ...
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This is an attempt to reclaim land that was strip mined in Montana. I chose an ultra-wide angle lens (a 20mm on full frame camera) close to the ground to ...
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* * * Champollion was far less likely than Young to be undone by a typo, because his focus on Egypt was so relentless. Young always had a dozen pressing ...
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*** But we hear nothing of this from Matthews yet: instead, he returns energetically to his campaign to get himself released. The response to his cabbage plan has reawoken his ...
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Definition 2. (1) An (Ω)-valued process on G is said to be of Karhunen class if its covariance function γ is expressed as for some finite positive measure space (Θ, ...
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NOT SO CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: DISTANCED IN THE AGE OF AUTISM For about a century, scientists have known that all of the galaxies are flying apart from each other, which may ...
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Sandhill cranes fly low over caribou trapped on shifting ice. PART III THE THIRD SEASON OF THE YEAR On an afternoon in early February, a change is in the air. ...
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