Egyptian Book of the Dead
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etep etepet offerings of cakes, ale, oxen, fowl, etc., offerings of propitiation. etep the god of offerings; plur, eteptiu gods who are regularly provided with offerings. etep the town of ...
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27. The hawk god Horns with King Nectanebo II Egypt, 370 B.C. 28. Ramesses I sacrifices to Isis and to the Osiris head symbol Egypt, Abydos, 14th–13th century B.C. 29. ...
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24. Not Dying a Second Time My grave is ripped open. My hiding place is revealed. Light tumbles into dark. A carcass, a shell in a sheet. Gold fleck in ...
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5 The Spiritual Practices of the Morning and Evening THE MORNING AND EVENING STAR EXERCISES These two practices are simple but extremely effective. They are only a taste of the ...
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14 THE TOMB OF AKHENATEN ALTHOUGH not a shred of evidence has been found to confirm the date of Akhenaten’s death, Egyptologists have assumed that it must have taken place ...
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RUBRIC: [These] words are to be said over a soul of gold inlaid with precious stones and placed on the breast of Osiris. _________________________________ CHAPTER XC. [From tho Papyrus of ...
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