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CLASS LOCATION AND CLASS POSITION OF TEACHERS In the light of the above, what – we might ask initially – can be said about the class location of teachers, the ...
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Curricula Connections Target Audience 4th–5th (As with all lessons in this book, this grade span is a suggestion only. With a few adaptations, this lesson could easily be applied to ...
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When Understanding Is the Goal An alternative version of the wedding shower involves Augie wanting to understand. The noise and his lack of vocabulary concern him less than his lack ...
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State and Local Organizations While national organizations, like those analyzed in the last chapter, have a single federal policy central to their agenda, state and local education rules dictate much ...
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Keywords PlotCharacterNarrativeAristotleHenry James Introduction A beginning writer looking at a blank screen is immediately faced with decisions. Where to start? For some, the answer is simple: Ernest Hemingway, in A ...
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Goals Counselors with a feminist therapy focus have a number of goals and objectives. While some are individual, a number are societal (Erford et al., 2020). These emphases are quite ...
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MINING AND MAPPING THEMES The concepts are in the artwork. Our challenge is to locate and extract them (so we can discuss them with students) and then help students to ...
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5.4 Conclusion The chapter highlights in detail the conceptual and operational dimensions of social technology. The collaborative spirit with which social technology is embedded has enabled digital technologies to transcend ...
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Speed of consequence beats strength of consequence pretty much every time. Give feedback right away, even if it’s imperfect. Remember that a simple and small change, implemented right away, can ...
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Chapter 5 Revalidation – The Role of the Appraisee Introduction In this chapter we will explore the roles and responsibilities of the appraisee. In particular we will discuss what actions ...
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Chapter Thirteen * In many years there had not been such a storm in all the Northland as that which followed swiftly in the trail of the first snows that ...
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COMMENTS Plot and Structure What can we say about the plot of “The Boarding House?” What might we emphasize about the story’s action, and about its shape as a structured ...
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Conclusion The motto of the European Year of Languages 2001 was ‘Languages open Doors.’ In Finland, a number of references have been made to how MLAC/CLIL can be used to ...
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