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Lebzeltern was to go to Savona. His official mission was to settle Habsburg church affairs, but clearly mediation with France was the true purpose of his journey. This was not ...
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Chapter Fourteen Margherita Guarducci Epigraphy is the study of ancient inscriptions. There are few more subtle and difficult subspecialties of archeology. The locations of the ancient inscriptions are often dark, ...
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8 The divine office at night In winter, in other words from the first of November until Easter, it seems reasonable for the monks to rise at the eighth hour ...
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The meeting appointed a committee to communicate to Young and the leaders of the sect the decisions of the meeting, and they awaited a reply. On September 24, Young gave ...
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JOBS AND JOURNEYS □ I never regretted for one minute the step which I had taken in becoming a Catholic, but I repeat that for a year there was little ...
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* * * The mountain itself, alpinist and author Jon Krakauer wrote, “is so big that it beggars the imagination.”14 Its size—occupying 120 square miles of the earth’s surface—and position ...
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What Must We Think, Say, and Pray When We Are Afraid? Lord, help me to remember everything I need to recall from Your Word, especially whenever I am afraid. Enable ...
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2. The first word of this "letter"—perhaps we should say, of this open "address"—was already spoken publicly on May 17, during the Angelus [actually the "Regina Coeli"]. Allow me to ...
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his frog-like reptilian skin to his inset snake-like eyes. His voice was like a 20,000 watt bass speaker. I urinated on myself and the urine dried immediately on my legs. ...
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THIRD DAY Fourth Meditation The Church Born from the Side of Christ The whole earthly life of Jesus is “foundational” of the Church in the broad sense that we have ...
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The Sixth Week of Easter Monday: John 15:26-16:4a In this passage Jesus begins by developing another aspect of the Paraclete (Advocate), namely, that of witness. In testifying on Jesus’ behalf ...
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CHAPTER V A new age of monastic experiment i. A monastic explosion and some experiments Adult entrants and monastic life as ‘retirement’ By the end of the eleventh century something ...
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Telling the Story of the Great Enterprise, II, c. 1300−1530 Continuing Work, Immediate Danger, Triumphant End 5 IN OUR STORY OF THE GREAT enterprise of construction we left the clergy ...
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