azw3 |eng | 2021-05-18 | Author:Teoni Spathelfer [Spathelfer, Teoni]

Every summer Little Wolf looked forward to going fishing with her grandfather. He would sell his salmon catch, and once he reached the limit he was allowed to sell, Grandpa ...
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epub |eng | 2022-05-10 | Author:Teoni Spathelfer

Abalone Woman arrived at her daughter’s classroom and told the children about her dream. The dream had taught her that although we are all different, we have so many things ...
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epub |eng | 2022-03-16 | Author:MaryLou Driedger

15 A Walk to the Forks Will “will, can you stay after class for a moment?” Mrs. Ramos stops me as I’m leaving at the end of the day. When ...
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epub |eng | 2019-01-31 | Author:Rae Knightly [Knightly, Rae]

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Treason The elevator to Bob’s apartment pinged, and the doors slid open. Ben found his dad pacing along the kitchen counter with a plastic water bottle in his ...
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epub |eng | 2021-02-26 | Author:Michael Hutchinson

Chapter 10 A Survey of Suspects “My family is crushed!” Brandon Shining Deer sat in the kitchen at Grandpa’s scarred, wooden table and explained why he came. “My grandmother is ...
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epub |eng | 2022-02-15 | Author:Michael Hutchinson

Chapter 10 Muskrats Divided “There he is! Big Hat!” After dropping off the chocolate at the hall, the Muskrats said good-bye to Harold and Denice and began to scan the ...
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epub |eng | 2021-07-15 | Author:Brittany Luby

When orange mushrooms emerge one by one, and we collect them from the forest green. Pii noondaash mnik aan’kwadoon zhi’oomgag, ni-zhaawshkwaabminaagog gewe eshkam giizhig. When white clouds form in fewer ...
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epub |eng | 2020-07-22 | Author:Betty Waterton

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epub |eng | | Author:Ruby Slipperjack

Mary put a finger to her lips, reminding Martha not to speak so loudly. Mary had bright red polish on her long fingernails and she was carefully trying to wipe ...
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epub |eng | 2011-10-15 | Author:Janet Wilson

This is the meeting room where the group met the minister. Jonah’s jaw dropped to the floor. Chris’s eyebrows hit the ceiling. They didn’t dare catch each other’s eye for ...
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epub |eng | 2013-01-15 | Author:Richard Van Camp [Camp, Richard Van]

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epub |eng | 2020-08-01 | Author:Joel A. Sutherland [ Sutherland, Joel A.]

THE GHOST OF FAN TAN ALLEY Victoria, British Columbia Charlene White was running late. She’d been shopping in Chinatown with a friend when she realized they’d lost track of time. ...
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epub |eng | 2013-10-07 | Author:Ian Wallace

Is born today for you. Come, kneel before the radiant boy Who brings you beauty, peace and joy. “Jesus, your king, is born. Jesus is born. In excelsis gloria!” 2. ...
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epub |eng | 2019-08-13 | Author:Julie Flett

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epub |eng | 2022-07-30 | Author:Buffy Sainte-Marie

Still this love goes on. In every dream, I can smell the sweetgrass burning. And in my heart, I can hear the drum . . . and hear the singers ...
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