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Fund Turnover A fund’s turnover rate refers to the speed with which its manager replaces stocks in his or her portfolio. A turnover rate of 100 percent, for example, would ...
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Chapter Seven Transportation The Decline and Fall of the Internal Combustion Engine We now move on to consider the impact of climate change on the transportation sector which will have ...
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Minimum investment and fees. Compared to alternative investments, traditional investments typically have lower minimum investment sizes and lower fees. For example, you can open a brokerage account with $1,000, but ...
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G20 Guidelines: China’s Journey to Green Finance Leadership The year 2016 marked an instrumental year for China, in which the nation was able to propel green finance policy to the ...
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Figure 1.8 XIRR function or IRR for non-periodic cash flows You have noticed that there is a column C named “PVCF” that contains the present value of each cash flow, ...
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CHAPTER SEVEN The Salomon Diet 1986–1988 The bond market and the people market sought their respective equilibriums, and in the two years following the dinner at Le Périgord the mortgage ...
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C REDIT R ATING Credit risk is the risk that the loan either won’t be repaid in full or will be repaid late. Naturally, different loans have different levels of ...
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This is just the beginning, and there are a range of issues which must be considered by users when selecting an interest rate model. For example, in practice it has ...
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FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Having achieved an understanding of an industry, the analyst is ready to proceed with a financial analysis. The financial analysis should be conducted in three phases. The first ...
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FIGURE 6.4 Bloomberg Option-Adjusted Spread Analysis Page (OAS1), Fannie Mae Callable Bond Used with permission of © 2014. All rights reserved. Given the model and, importantly, the assumed level ...
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* * * Other puts and calls can evolve and be triggered by events that are usually covered in the various covenants of the debt securities. These are addressed in ...
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Measuring a company’s profitability is another way to determine its health. Comparing different companies’ profitability will give you a quick picture of their ability to generate profit. These are profitability ...
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DIAMONDS AND GEMSTONES Precious gems are yet one more possibility as a hedge against the future. While I’ll talk a bit about diamonds, rubies, and other sparkly goodies, I tend ...
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