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It has been pointed out that gendhing are composed with equal metrical units marked by the strokes of various gongs; the underlying feeling of a gendhing is based on the ...
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Learning Your First Song The first song any guitarist learns to play is always a special and memorable one for them. In our group of guitarists, each of us reminisce ...
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I want all you people to listen to my song, I want all you people to listen to my song, Remember me after all the days I’m gone.19 His smooth, ...
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YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND It is strange how most of Moonie’s friends are celebrities in their own right (apart from me of course). There are plenty of other musos, film ...
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The fact that Sonicbids is able to connect a songwriter with so many other artists is all the more reason a songwriter should have an EPK. If you network with ...
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Workout 19 Workout #19 is another blues pattern with a triplet feel—this time with plenty of triplet patterns! Be sure to articulate every single note. “There is audio content at ...
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Just Give Me A Reason Words and Music by Alecia Moore, Jeff Bhasker and Nate Ruess Copyright © 2012 EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Pink Inside Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, ...
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Recorded September, 1941 Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle (JSP Records JSP915A) Words and Music by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams Copyright © 1926 UNIVERSAL MUSIC CORP. Copyright Renewed All Rights ...
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6 Through-Composed Blues in Other Keys Most of Parker’s through-composed blues were written in C major (11 pieces), as discussed in Chapter 5. Ranking second and third among keys for ...
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Scales used in Jumpin’ Jax The solo uses a mixture of Bb blues scale, Bb major pentatonic and fragments of the chord shapes we looked at earlier. Lick 1 The ...
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MALCOLM MCLAREN “Malcolm was definitely the Brian Epstein of punk—without him it wouldn’t have happened the way it did. I loved the guy; his birthday gift to me when I ...
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Related Exercises § In each example, you are provided with a chord and given the key within which it is to be considered. Is the given chord an alteration or ...
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