2THREE15 by Oscar Gómez Cruz

2THREE15 by Oscar Gómez Cruz

Author:Oscar Gómez Cruz [Gómez Cruz, Oscar]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9786078571062
Publisher: IEXE Editorial
Published: 2020-05-18T00:00:00+00:00

The Same Language

Once we have settled the core point, we must be certain to express our message’s importance and make it clear why they should keep on paying attention. Clarity is essential. Do not try to over-decorate our idea. If our product is actually good, something useful to a decision-maker, needles to make arabesque so to demonstrate its importance. It will be enough to know your interlocutor’s needs, and make him know that we can satisfy them.

In order to speak the same language, it’s important to recall what we’ve said previously. It’s essential not to suppose that everybody understand the technical words we speak, so familiar to us. Take this into account when showing the importance of what we offer, for you must be certain that the audience have completely understood it before passing to the presentation’s details. Otherwise, goodbye opportunity! If we don’t go straight the point before a decision-maker, success walks far away. There are people who no matter how skilled they are, fall down into this hole and thus won’t accomplish their goals; they stagnate no matter how good and wonderful they and their proposals are.

Imagine we just have one shot and only five seconds to hit the mark. Our chance to sell is like that and we can’t let it pass. If we rehearse, our aim will improve and hit, no matter how poor our resources are.


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