You Can Have an Amazing Memory by Dominic O'Brien

You Can Have an Amazing Memory by Dominic O'Brien

Author:Dominic O'Brien
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: You Can Have an Amazing Memory
ISBN: 9781780282060
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers Limited
Published: 2011-09-04T16:00:00+00:00

Advanced card memorization

To memorize four digits at a time, you used “complex images” – you combined one character with the prop, feature or action of another (see pp.96–9). You can use the same principle for memorizing cards, and then you need only a 26-stage journey to memorize a whole deck; which means that you can use your 52-stage journey for two decks. This is how it works.

Imagine that the first two cards you turned up in the deck were the 6 Clubs (SC) and the 5 Spades (ES). Let’s say that your character for SC is Simon Cowell and his action is pressing the buzzer to register his displeasure at an act on one of his talent shows; while ES gives you the former boxer and famous US talk-show host Ed Sullivan, whose action (naturally) is boxing. At the first stage of the journey, instead of just placing Simon Cowell with his own action (which would represent one card), you’d place Simon Cowell boxing, in this way combining the two cards at one stage. For example, let’s say the first stage of your journey is your front door. You might imagine Simon Cowell in boxing gloves pummelling the closed door as if trying to punch his way in. If you pair up the remaining cards in the deck in the same way and place each pair at a stage on your journey, you’ll need only 26 stages to memorize all 52 cards.


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