Would You Date You? by Buono Anthony

Would You Date You? by Buono Anthony

Author:Buono, Anthony [Buono, Anthony]
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Become Detached

Love between a man and a woman is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But what happens when your love for another person becomes the most important thing in your life?

There is nothing more natural than wanting to be loved. We need it. We need it from our parents and family as we grow up, and we need it as we interact socially as adults. We all have a fundamental desire to be loved by at least one person who knows us and fulfills our every personal need. With marital love, there is the additional need to be physically intimate as an expression of love.

Though the need to be loved emotionally, physically, and spiritually is completely natural, it also poses a danger: becoming overly attached to each other.

What is wrong with being attached to someone you love? Doesn’t attachment come with the territory? Yes…and no. Yes, you become attached to someone you love in a way that compels a real commitment to that person, one that is not easily broken. To call someone a friend assumes a dedication to that person because of who they are and your decision to love them.

For those who have experienced attachment to someone in a love that lasts a lifetime, there is a fulfillment in this world that is a gift. Not many find it. The reality is that human relationships can end, regardless of the intention to love each other for life no matter what. Friendships fail, engagements are broken, and marriages end in separation and divorce.

When you are in a serious relationship, you assume it will never die. No couple enters into a marriage thinking anything other than that they are going to make it until death. But when there is an end to a relationship, there is often a certain level of death inside, also known as a broken heart.

The Dangers of Attachment

Everyone experiences love uniquely. Therefore, no one can really know how another person will grow in love or deal with the end of love. No matter how love is handled, whether in good times or bad, attachment to a person is the main reason for the things we do in the name of love.

In this sense, attachment is dangerous. When you rely too much on another person’s love, you may go too far and deify that person. In other words, you just might have made this person your god. This person is now the pinnacle of your existence, with nothing or no one above them.

To assign another human being that much importance in your life is to set yourself up for disaster. You have put another human being on a pedestal, where they do not belong, nor can they remain.

Has this happened to you? In one sense, though, when you are in love, how can you help it? You love someone so intensely, so deeply, so completely, that you cannot imagine life without them. This is beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with it.


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