What's Done in Darkness by Kayla Perrin

What's Done in Darkness by Kayla Perrin

Author:Kayla Perrin
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781466888333
Publisher: St. Martin's Press


A short while later, Brian and I were on the dance floor, working up a sweat, when Keith came over to us. I thought he was going to address Brian, but instead Keith spoke to me.

“I think your friend might need you,” he said.

I narrowed my eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“She went into the bathroom about fifteen minutes ago,” Keith answered. “Said she wasn’t feeling well, and she hasn’t come out.”

“Shit,” I uttered. Then, “Excuse me for a minute?”

I took a step, but Brian put a hand on my arm, stopping me. I faced him. “What?”

“By the way, did you tell Katrina that we met before?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Then let’s keep that between us.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Why?”

“I have my reasons.”

More secrecy. “I don’t understand.”

“I’ll explain later, I promise. Just … don’t tell her we met before. Trust me,” he added.

“You’re asking a lot.” Perhaps too much. When Brian said nothing, just gave me an imploring look, I said, “Fine. All right.”

I made my way to the bathroom. Inside, two girls, both with dirty blond hair, stood in front of the sink, adding more mascara to eyes that definitely had enough. The two made me think of those girls from Jersey Shore—identical hot messes. But they smiled at me, and I returned the smile.

A quick glance beneath the doors told me that all three stalls were occupied. “Katrina?” I called out.

No answer.

When I called her name again and still got no answer, I waited. I figured she was in a stall, trying to compose herself. Or possibly puking.

One after the other, the stalls emptied. But Katrina hadn’t been in any of them.

Frowning, I made my way back out to the club floor. And that’s when I saw Katrina, standing against the wall at the back of the restaurant.

I started over to her. As she saw me, she eased off of the wall, and I noticed her sway. No surprise there.

“Katrina,” I said as I reached her. “Why are you standing over here? Are you okay?”

“I don’t feel so good.”

“Maybe we ought to go.”

She mumbled something unintelligible.

Shit, she was out of it. I took her by the elbow and started leading her back toward Brian and Keith. I wasn’t impressed. I would have to get her back to the hotel, which undoubtedly would throw a kink in my plan to get naked with Brian.

“I don’t want to leave,” she said as I walked with her.

“You’re not feeling well, and I’m sure Christian is looking for you.”

“I’m fine.” She slurred her words.

“Christian hasn’t come back in since your fight. We need to find him.”

“Christian’s fine.”

“Obviously, you’re inebriated out of your mind, because I know you’re not this callous.”

She said nothing as I led her back over to Brian and Keith. Brian’s warm smile immediately set me at ease. He was strong and gorgeous, and I got the sense from him that he was a take-charge kind of guy who would protect a woman.

Maybe he would be willing to help me get Katrina back to the hotel … then we could continue with our evening.


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