Shot Through the Heart: DI Grace Fisher 2 by Isabelle Grey

Shot Through the Heart: DI Grace Fisher 2 by Isabelle Grey

Author:Isabelle Grey [Grey, Isabelle]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9781784292829
Publisher: Quercus
Published: 2016-03-23T16:00:00+00:00


Grace had not expected to be so thankful when Ivo called her from a public call box not long after Lance had left her house. ‘I’ve got something for you,’ was all he’d said, but it was enough, given how desperate she felt, to abandon her plan to go into work and head instead to the cafe in the ring-road superstore where they’d met last time.

She caught sight of him before he spotted her, and she thought he seemed uncharacteristically on edge, glancing from side to side as if fearing an ambush. Her own rush of warmth on seeing him again also took her by surprise, although given the way her day had gone so far, perhaps she was just glad to see any friendly face. She slipped into the seat opposite him and returned his smile.

‘Thanks for coming,’ he said.

‘I’d been thinking about you, actually.’

‘That’s nice,’ he said, turning slightly pink.

Grace reminded herself that this was the chief crime correspondent of the Daily Courier, and she mustn’t be naive about trusting him.

‘Coffee?’ he asked.

She took a look at the grey liquid in his untouched cup and shook her head. ‘I can live without, thanks.’

‘Don’t blame you. So, I’ve been keeping an eye on young Davey Fewell.’

‘Oh good,’ she said. ‘I’m so pleased.’

Ivo looked a little embarrassed. ‘I just felt for the kid, you know? I didn’t like the idea of Mark Kirkby’s father being the only one to look out for the family and Davey having to be grateful to him.’

‘No,’ Grace agreed. ‘Nor me. So where is he?’

‘Weymouth. In a holiday apartment owned by the Police Federation.’

Grace nodded. ‘I heard John Kirkby had fixed something up for them. How’s he getting on?’

Ivo shrugged. ‘I caught him bunking off school.’

‘Poor kid,’ said Grace.

‘Anyway, we got chatting.’

Grace wondered if she could guess what was coming next. ‘And?’

‘It’s worse than we thought, about Mark Kirkby.’

‘Davey told you?’ Grace asked the question before she could stop herself.

‘Told me what?’

She recognized his look of professional cunning and smiled. ‘You go first.’

Ivo grinned. ‘Fair enough.’ He checked around them to see if anyone was listening, then leaned across the table. ‘He said Mark Kirkby had a gun. A big one.’

She nodded. ‘That’s what he told me too. But then immediately backtracked. Said he’d told his dad, but was so afraid there’d be a row he insisted he’d made it up.’

Ivo looked relieved. ‘So you’re on it already,’ he said. ‘That’s good.’ He sat back. ‘I really do hope it turns out that Mark Kirkby was shot with his own weapon. Serve the creepy bastard right.’

Grace bit her lip. ‘Davey told me nearly three weeks ago, and I’ve done nothing.’ She waited for Ivo’s expression to settle into contempt and found herself grateful when it didn’t.

He sighed. ‘Nor me. It really went against the grain not to go front page with a story like that. Wouldn’t normally have given it a second thought.’

‘So why did you?’

‘Because it would blow that kid and what’s left of his family right out of the water.


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