Wedding Calligraphy: A Guide to Beautiful Hand Lettering by Laura Hooper & Alyssa Hooper

Wedding Calligraphy: A Guide to Beautiful Hand Lettering by Laura Hooper & Alyssa Hooper

Author:Laura Hooper & Alyssa Hooper [Hooper, Laura]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Published: 2017-05-30T04:00:00+00:00


One of the defining characteristics of pointed-pen calligraphy is the variation of thick and thin lines achieved by changing the amount of pressure on your nib as you write. The thin upstrokes, known as fine hairlines, are created with a very delicate touch of upward movement on your paper. The thick downstrokes, known as heavy swells, are achieved by applying enough pressure to open the tines of your nib so the ink has a heavier flow.

It is while creating downstrokes that you will most likely notice that your pen has run out of ink. This usually happens after three or four letters. You will see that there are two fine lines, created by your open tines, with nothing between. It will look as if the letters are hollow. This is called railroading due to its obvious similarities to railroad tracks. You want to stop as soon as you notice this, redip, and carefully fill in the empty space and continue with your downstroke. There is no backspace in handwritten work, so you want to get used to filling in and continuing on!

If your ink isn’t flowing after you just dipped it, it is likely that a small amount has dried on the very tip of your nib, preventing the ink from flowing out. You can gently touch the tip to wet ink to re-moisten the tip area or, if that does not work, you should wipe your nib clean and dip again. You do not want to redip into your ink when you still have ink remaining in the reservoir, as this can lead to too much ink accumulating in your nib and seeping up into your flange.


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