The Witch's Revenge by Christopher Pike

The Witch's Revenge by Christopher Pike

Author:Christopher Pike
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Aladdin


In reality Adam and Sally were not dead. Not yet.

They had fallen a long way, far enough to break every bone in their bodies, but they had landed on the softest of all cushions, some kind of huge net. The only trouble was that it wasn’t a net but a sticky web. They were alive but stuck. The net’s slimy fibers held them like glue.

And they could hear the spider getting closer.

“It must be a huge creature to make a web this size,” Adam said.

“It’s probably poisonous as well,” Sally said grimly. “Can you move?”

“Not much. How about you?”

“I’m slimed. It’s all over me—in my hair, on my arms and legs. Can you see the spider yet?”

“No,” Adam said. “But it’s definitely moving closer.”

“That’s bad,” Sally said.

“That’s putting it mildly. Hey, I want to thank you for holding on to me when I started to fall. That was very brave of you.”

“Thank you. But I think it was awfully stupid of me.”

“Most brave acts are stupid,” Adam agreed. He had landed on his back and there he remained—no matter how hard he tried rolling on to his side. The odor he had smelled from the grill above had become a dozen times stronger. The stink was like rotten eggs—it made it hard to breathe.

It was dark, pitch black.

They heard a slobbering sound off to their right.

They heard a munching sound off to their left.

“Oh no,” Sally cried. “There are two spiders.”

“Maybe they’ll begin to fight over us,” Adam said hopefully.

“They live together down here,” Sally said. “They’re not going to fight over us. We’re doomed.”

“Don’t say that. It depresses me.” Adam suddenly had an idea. “Hey, do you have your Bic lighter in your pocket?”

“Yeah. Why? Do you want to have a last smoke before you die?”

“No,” Adam said. “We can use the flame to burn away the web. It’s worth a try. Can you reach it?”

“I think so,” Sally said as the slobbering sounds grew louder. “But if I burn away the web, we might fall farther.”

“I would rather be falling than be eaten,” Adam said.

“That’s a good point.” Sally flicked on the lighter. In the light of the tiny orange flame they could see the approaching spiders. They were hideous to behold. As big as fat sheep, they had eight slimy black legs and two sharp pincers. The fire seemed to puzzle them. They stopped to stare at it with wary red eyes. But they didn’t turn and flee as Adam had hoped. Green poison dripped from their ugly mouths.

The web was hanging only three feet above a black floor.

If they could burn through the web, they’d be able to stand up and escape.

“Put the flame under the web,” Adam said. “See if you can get it smoking.”

“I’m trying,” Sally said, maneuvering the flame beneath the piece of web that gripped her right arm. To their delight, and surprise, it immediately caught fire, as hair would when put close to a lighter. The web wrinkled up quickly and released Sally’s right arm.


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