The Seer: Volume I of The O Manuscript: The Scandinavian Bestseller by Muhl Lars

The Seer: Volume I of The O Manuscript: The Scandinavian Bestseller by Muhl Lars

Author:Muhl, Lars [Muhl, Lars]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Watkins Media
Published: 2016-12-12T16:00:00+00:00

The wind had died down and it had stopped raining. Instead, the fog thickened in the valley. As I walked through the thicket the certainty of the natural condition was underlined. No worries, no trouble. In the meadow he asked me to walk out to meet Prat alone. She was already waiting. Here is a square. Walk into each of the corners and give each one a quality. Then collect them into your own force in the middle. One by one they came from the upper right corner and moved clockwise. Care. Strength. Courage. Compassion. They dissolved in one single movement and met in a single point: Silence!

We walked side by side along the first, difficult part. I walked with my stick over my shoulder and went with a light step. We moved slowly upwards. I walked ahead. I turned around on the first ledge. Although I was slowly getting used to this it still took me by surprise that he was gone. I was going up alone.

The air was full of oracles. A man is walking along a long road. He is lost. He gets very happy when he meets another human being. The Norns were there. The visions floated in and out of the fog .

An encouraging word doesn’t cost much, and the price of a little support doesn’t necessarily have to be high. I walked empty-handed through the void and was filled up.

They were everywhere. They made the trees and the bushes come alive. Each and every pebble on the path became a star in the universe. I knew every turn and every boulder. My breath fell into harmony with the shape of the mountain. Point by point and ledge by ledge I moved upwards with ease.

I had passed all the well-known places. The path grew narrower towards the end and seemed more and more like a maze. Pulling free of the thicket I got a glimpse of the fortress through the fog. The Seer stood waiting outside it. This was how it had to be.

‘Perfect,’ he said – ‘Perfect.’

His words struck a chord, clear as a bell, in my mind.

‘I’m now going to show you the Shaft of the Soul. The bridge between life and death. On the walls of that shaft you’ll see many pictures from your own life. Once in a while you’ll see a dark square. One day, when you become familiar with this condition, you may go in and replace the dark square with a window. You may then open it and make it golden. Walk through it and push your way further and further in. But today I’ll only show you the shaft to give you an indication of what it is. Stand there.’

I stepped in front of him. It lasted a moment only and was totally undramatic.

I am standing in an underground passage with nondescript walls. Many pictures of situations, people and places are seen in one single, indescribable image. There is a golden light streaming down from above. It has no shape.


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