The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan Calleman

The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan Calleman

Author:Carl Johan Calleman
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Spirituality/New Science
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Company
Published: 2016-11-11T05:00:00+00:00


Naturally, the theologies shifting in parallel with the DAYS and NIGHTS of the Sixth Wave raise certain questions as to what we humans may know about the Divine and the purpose of this creation. How solid can any theology be if over the ages the theologies that the humans developed have been profoundly influenced by the hologram that has ruled over them? What I have argued here is that the biblical God, and more broadly the God of the Abrahamic religions, is basically a projection of the Hologram of Good and Evil onto the Divine, which implies that it has become part of the ruling power structure. But we may then also ask if the theologies could have been any different from what they were. Was there an alternative? Regardless of what our answers may be to such questions, if we are now to continue the climb of the nine-story pyramid to fulfill the destiny of humanity, it is necessary to understand on a deeper level what happened in order to relieve ourselves of views from the past that may hamper this climb.

From the perspective of the nine levels of creation, it is not only the shifting DAYS and NIGHTS of the Sixth Wave that have created the theological uncertainty and the various schisms these shifts have given rise to. A fully encompassing theology would need to take into account what is created by all the nine waves and recognize the corresponding relationships to the Divine for what they are. Hence, when we consider that there are five different waves, each giving a fundamentally different hologram to our minds (fig. 5.8), things become more complicated, because each of these generates a particular relationship to the Source. From figure 5.8 we can also understand that each hologram creates the framework for the types of theologies that are developed in a certain era. The waves and their corresponding holograms have been activated sequentially, and through the interference patterns they have created with each other, the waves have contributed to the remarkable variation of religious traditions and viewpoints that have existed on our planet over the past five thousand years. But if humans have developed their views of the Divine based on different holograms, how can we possibly see only one of them as true?

Before attempting to answer this question, I would like to briefly go over the different holograms in figure 5.5 and their consequences for the human perception of the Divine. In the Fifth Wave, going back one hundred thousand years, the relationship of humans to the Divine is based on immediate resonance with unity. Presumably, there was under the influence of the Fifth Wave no experience of conflict between the world of spirit and human beings as people were in a permanent state of consciousness akin to what we today would call a shamanic state. The Fifth Wave created a unity consciousness, albeit at a very low material level of life, and we can liken the experience of the world to a Garden of Eden with no separation.


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