The Bride's Daughter by Rosemary Gibson

The Bride's Daughter by Rosemary Gibson

Author:Rosemary Gibson [Rosemary Gibson]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781459277250
Publisher: Harlequin


AS JORDAN set her upright on the carpet by the kingsize bed, Tamsin swayed against him, her arms still locked around his neck, her breasts grazing the wall of his chest. Vaguely, she was aware that she was in Jordan’s bedroom but had no real recollection of how she’d arrived there. She was no longer capable of rational, coherent thought. There was no past, no future, just this moment in time, this explosion of senses.

She dropped her hands to his shoulders, revelling in the feel of the hard band of muscle beneath her palms, drinking in the scent of his skin as she pressed small, heated kisses over his collar-bone.

‘Do you have any idea of what you’re doing to me?’ Jordan muttered thickly in her ear, his mouth trailing a scalding path down her neck. His hands moved caressingly over her silky skin, sweeping down the length of her back.

‘I wanted to take this slowly but I’ve waited four years and I don’t think I can wait much longer.’

‘Four years?’ Tamsin whispered, her eyes focusing unsteadily on his tense face.

‘I wanted you the moment I first saw you.’ His lips closed over the pulse at the base of her throat. ‘But you were too young, too immature, would have confused desire with love.’

His words took time to register in her befuddled brain…too immature to know the difference between desire and love. Something inside her recoiled…but it was too late; she couldn’t think straight anymore, was drowning in a whirlpool of alien sensations as his arms tightened around her, moulding her against him.

‘Jordan, please.’ She heard a voice she hardly recognized as her own pleading desperately. ‘Please…’ That ache inside her was no longer a teasing build-up of anticipation but a torment that had to be assuaged.

‘What do you want, Tamsin?’ Jordan muttered hoarsely, raising his head. ‘Tell me what you want. Say it out loud.’ His eyes blazed into hers like blue fire.

‘I w-want you.’ She almost sobbed the words out, pride, caution, forgotten in that driving, burning need. ‘I want all of you…’ She hesitated, stiffening with sudden panic, acutely conscious of her own inexperience, wishing she knew exactly how to please him.

With a muffled groan, Jordan tipped her backwards onto the bed, stretching out beside her. Blindly, Tamsin reached for him, her hands gripping his shoulders, her mouth urgently seeking his. She wanted to share this with him, be part of him…

Slowly, Jordan lowered himself between her thighs. For an infinitesimal second, Tamsin tensed, saw the immediate comprehension in Jordan’s eyes as he lay still above her, his breathing ragged.

‘Are you all right?’ he demanded hoarsely. ‘Damn, the last thing I wanted was to hurt you.’

‘No…Jordan…p-please don’t stop,’ she implored as that brief moment of pain changed to shocked pleasure. Nothing had prepared her for this, this frenzied spiral of aching pleasure, their bodies fusing together, moving in unison.

I love you…I love you. The words pounded in her head as she shuddered her release, Jordan’s voice hoarse against her breast as he groaned his own heated satisfaction.


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