Charmed Vengeance by [email protected]

Charmed Vengeance by

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Pink streaked the sky as Kevighn wandered through the cargo ship docking area toward the Vixen’s Revenge. The gangplank of the ship was down but no one seemed to be around.

“Shipman Silver requests permission to come aboard?” he called, stamping his feet on the wooden docks to keep warm, hoping to garner someone’s attention.

“Oh, it’s you.” Captain Vix appeared, looking up and down the sparsely occupied docks as if expecting someone else. “Permission granted. Stow your things below in crew quarters. Supper will be soon in the galley, and remember,” her brown eyes narrowed. “Stay out of the engine room.”

“Yes, sir.” Curious as to how she kept saying that. Now he wanted a peek even more.

Kevighn went inside the tidiest airship he’d ever seen. In the galley a very large man with an eye patch cooked. Right, they all took turns cooking. It didn’t smell half bad.

The wooden stairs led down below. He turned and found himself at a door marked engine room. Hmm …

He looked around the small hallway then slipped inside. The first thing he noticed was how clean the room—and the engines were. The second was the little painted flowers festooning the engine. Interesting. He wouldn’t have pegged the captain for such things. She probably didn’t even like men.

Toward the back stood another door, two boxes hung on them, one filled with socks. Odd. Airship folk got strange sometimes.

He peaked inside the partially open door, curiosity propelling him. Deep red fabric swathed the tiny, empty room. A doll, a needlepoint pillow, and a blanket lay draped on the hammock in the corner. Ladies hats hung on the back of the door. Very, very interesting. A tool box sat on the desk and books on engineering filled the shelves along with a few others.

“What do you think yer doing?” a male voice demanded from behind him.

Kevighn turned and looked at a short, pudgy man with glasses, white hair, and a striped hat, dirt streaking his cheek. “I’m the new crewmember. I was looking for crew quarters.”

The older man’s eyes narrowed as if he didn’t quite believe him. “This way. You best be leaving her alone.” “Who?” A girl engineer? Or a joy-girl in the only available space on the ship?

“Our engineer.”

Kevighn nodded as he followed the man out of the engine room. “Of course.”

She was probably the captain’s …lady friend. Yes, that made perfect sense given the captain’s warnings.

“The names’ Winky and these are crew quarters.” Winky opened a door which led to a very small, lightless room with six hammocks and footlockers. “Those two are both unoccupied, take yer pick.”

Kevighn chose a top hammock. Winky watched as he stowed his things in the footlocker as if waiting for him to do something wrong.

“Chore list is in the galley, changes every day.” Winky turned to leave. “Come along or you’ll miss supper.”

As they climbed the stairs, the sound of the captain scolding someone echoed down the stairwell. Her voice certainly carried, especially in close quarters.

“I told you to be back before sundown,” she chided.


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