Super Human: A Superhero Adventure by J. A. Cipriano

Super Human: A Superhero Adventure by J. A. Cipriano

Author:J. A. Cipriano [Cipriano, J. A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-03-02T07:00:00+00:00


An hour later I was showered, styled, and suited up again in the apartment. I hated to lose time, but a guy’s gotta eat. More important, I need to turn over a few rocks and find where the equipment the Everlasting swiped had gone. Sarah’s command center was the perfect place to start looking. I fished her keys out of my pocket and started opening up her office. She didn’t need to know I hadn’t forgotten my keys any more than she needed to know about this little intrusion. Sarah had already done more than enough to help me with the Everlasting.

I flipped on the lights and took a good look at the sprawl of computers, scramblers, police scanners, and high-end surveillance gear she kept in here. She could launch a mission to Venus with all this crap. I settled down in her chair, shoved some million-dollar gizmo over to make room for my beer, and slid the mouse around. Thankfully, the screens all lit up from sleep mode. I really didn’t want to try and power this mess up or risk some paranoid booby-trap if I did it wrong. Sarah was right; a real hacker rig wasn’t nearly as flashy as the ones in movies. Just a couple of small windows scrolling gibberish on one screen gave any truth to the green-tinted fantasy of Hollywood.

It was vaguely disappointing.

I was looking for the ‘find the bad guys’ button when my utility belt buzzed frantically. I popped the compartment open and took my phone out, my blood running cold as I saw the caller ID: Sarah. I held my breath and answered the call.

“What in the HELL do you think you’re doing, Mickey?” I winced and set the phone on the desk, setting it to speakerphone. “My motion sensors went off in the office. Are you messing with my stuff?”

I sighed and cracked open my beer. “I wanna find the Everlasting, and you said you had a search program running. Keep your yoga pants on.” As pissed off as she was, I really could use a hand running this thing. I had a suspicion that whatever I was looking for, it wasn’t exactly point and click. “The cops said the Everlasting tripped a silent alarm in the sewer near the lab. I think the rest of them used those sewers to sneak the gear out of the lab while I was fighting the two up top.”

There was a long, dangerous silence coming from the phone. Just as I was about to pick it up and check the battery level, Sarah came back. “That’s … very likely, actually. Click the icon on the top left screen labeled ‘H.O.T. Stuff’ and give it a second to fire up.”

I chuckled and sipped at my beer while the program started. “Hot stuff, huh? Is this your secret stash of nude selfies? I’ll have to send them to myself, I need a good lock screen image for my phone.”

Sarah muttered something more than a little unpleasant in reply.


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