Storm and Silence 03 - Silence Is Golden by Thier Robert

Storm and Silence 03 - Silence Is Golden by Thier Robert

Author:Thier, Robert [Thier, Robert]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: freedom, exotic, billionaire, treasure, lovehate, feisty, advemture
ISBN: 9783962600587
Google: V0OzswEACAAJ
Amazon: 3962600582
Publisher: Robert Thier
Published: 2017-08-15T04:00:00+00:00


Mr Ambrose’s hands froze.

There was a moment of silence that really, really wanted to be pregnant, but couldn’t be, because I still had too many damn clothes on!


‘Y-yes, Sahib?’

‘You didn’t see anything.’

‘N-no, Sahib! I didn’t see a thing! I swear it! Al'hā jhūṭha la'ī māfa kara, atē mērē akha dī bēgunāhī nū muṛa kara sakadā hai!’[15]


‘I-is it safe to come out now, Sahib?’

‘Yes.’ Mr Ambrose’s voice sounded as cool and composed as if he had just been double-checking his accounting. His hand fell from my back, and only I heard the whispered word: ‘Moderately.’

I didn’t know whether to strangle Karim or laugh out loud. Since the latter was probably much easier to accomplish, I decided on that.

‘What is she laughing about?’ Karim demanded, still in the bushes. ‘Is she taking her clothes off again?’

‘No, Karim. You can come out of there now.’

‘If you say so, Sahib.’

The Mohammedan stepped out of the bushes, but didn’t remove his hand from where it was once more firmly clamped over his eyes.

‘I need my knapsack, Sahib. Where…?’

Mr Ambrose didn’t let him finish. Stepping away and leaving me bereft, he grabbed Karim’s knapsack from the ground, and a moment later, the massive sack hit the Mohammedan in the chest with a heavy thud. Karim didn’t so much as flinch, but grabbed the thing and slung it over his shoulder.

‘Thank you, Sahib. The way ahead is clear. Should we set out now, or do you wish to eat first?’

As if drawn by a magnet, Mr Ambrose’s dark eyes slid back to me. ‘I must admit, I feel quite hungry,’ he admitted, his gaze raking over my curves. ‘But I think it’s better if, today, we set out anyway.’

And, without one more word, he grabbed his knapsack from the ground, snatched up his hammock and disappeared into the jungle.


It took a while for my mind to resurface from the delirious whirlpool of passion it was leisurely bathing in. We had been marching for half a day, and still my mind was splashing around in pleasant daydreams involving Mr Rikkard Ambrose’s pectorals. When it cautiously peeked its nose through the surface for the first time and smelled the cold air of reality, it was quite a shock to me.

What had just happened?

What had I done?

Oh my God!

Had I just really rid myself of nearly all my clothes…and then, with him…and he had grabbed me and… with his lips, and his hands, and his…Oh my God!

What if Karim hadn’t come when he had? I didn’t know much about what went on between a man and a woman, but I did know that the side-effects included bellyswelling and babyproducing. Me? Have a baby? I shuddered at the very thought. To swell up like a balloon, suffer through incredible pain, and then, as a reward, be saddled with a screeching little monster that demanded all my attention and time? No, thank you! I already had one monster demanding all my time, and he, thankfully, didn’t screech!

Not that the idea of having a child didn’t somewhat appeal to me, in the abstract.


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