Daisy's Prince Charming by Ruth Ann Nordin

Daisy's Prince Charming by Ruth Ann Nordin

Author:Ruth Ann Nordin
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: comedy, humor, romantic comedy, sex, virgin heroine, virgin hero, cowboy hero, farm romance, larson family, frog and prince
Publisher: Ruth Ann Nordin


“I can’t believe you got married,” Erin whispered to Daisy that Sunday as their parents introduced Otis to everyone in attendance. “Patricia’s in for a shock when she comes out to help with the harvest.” After a moment, she turned her gaze to her and arched an eyebrow. “And to think when I asked you if anything interesting happened in Montana, you only mentioned that book you and Eva discovered while you were there.”

“That book was good,” Daisy replied. “Eva and I spent days discussing the symbols and themes the author wove into the story.”

Erin shot her a pointed look. “That was more interesting than Otis?”

It had been at the time. Besides, Daisy didn’t think he’d end up coming all the way to Nebraska to marry her. She’d thought she was never going to see him again. “Everything happened so fast,” Daisy finally said. “I don’t know what to say about it even now.”

Erin took another look at him while he was talking to the rest of their family. “While he is attractive, I didn’t think he was your type. I remember that ridiculous list you and Eva worked on when you two planned out your future husbands. I’m surprised you gave him a chance. I thought you would have ignored someone like him.” When Daisy glanced away from her, she gasped. “You did ignore him, didn’t you? You were hoping he would leave you alone, but he thought you were interested in him and came here to marry you.”

It was to Daisy’s disadvantage that Erin knew her so well.

“If you felt that way, why did you marry him?” Erin asked.

Daisy shrugged. “It was impossible to say no. He and Pa got along right away, and Pa could use some help on the farm. As for Ma… Well, she thought he was sweet and didn’t want me to hurt his feelings by saying no.”

“What made Otis think you wanted to marry him?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been going over my trip to Montana over and over in my mind, and there’s nothing I can think of that I did to encourage him.”

“You must have said or done something if he came all the way to Nebraska.”

“He said I paid attention to him but none of the other men, but I didn’t think I had a choice but to talk to him the first night I got there since he showed up at Eva’s door with flowers.”

Erin perked up in interest. “What kind of flowers?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course, it does. Flowers say a lot about a man.”

“He brought sunflowers.”

Erin didn’t hide her disappointment. “That’s not very romantic. Roses and tulips are much better.”

“I realize that.”

“Even some daisies would be better. At least then, he would be giving you something you’re named after.”

Daisy sighed in frustration. “I couldn’t control what he gave me, just as you couldn’t control all of those stupid presents Alex gave you when we were children. I’ll take sunflowers over toads.”

Erin paused for a long moment as if she didn’t know how to respond.


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