Knight Dreams by C.C. Wiley

Knight Dreams by C.C. Wiley

Author:C.C. Wiley
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 2009-10-06T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seventeen

Terrwyn kept the small blade cupped in her palm as she followed Sir William in silence. Aided by the additional length of the tunic sleeves, she had kept the knife’s existence hidden while he glared at her. His initial surprise at finding her in the tent quickly shifted to irritation. Try as she might, she could not blame him. Why would he expect to find her standing somewhere other than where he left her? He, himself, had secured the manacle around her ankle. She prayed his anger would not storm against James.

The leather journal rubbed against her flesh as she half-skipped to keep up with Sir William’s long strides. Luckily, she had tucked it in the band of her leggings, barely discernable under the folds of her loose tunic.

When she quickened her pace to a trot, she felt the journal shift. Her breath caught as she searched for a way to keep if from sliding any further. The journal simply could not fall into sight. Its presence would be hard to explain.

If she had the use of both hands it would have been an easy thing to fold her arms over her middle, propping James’s drawings while they walked. However, that was not the case. As soon as Sir William gathered his wits, he had that damn rope back in hand, jerking her to follow.

There was no reason to fight him. Where would she go? Two steps out of camp and one of the soldiers would have her strung up like a suckling pig at Michaelmas. Instead she waited until the commander reeled in the rope, pulling her to him. It took but one look to know she had best take care while his ire was up. Unfortunately, meekness was not her strong trait.

Terrwyn stumbled over a tree root hidden by the evening shadows. Her palm now itched where the metal blade bit into her skin. Perspiration made it slippery, hard to keep out of sight. Her fingers ached as she kept her hand cupped. She thanked the fates for the small consolation that she held it in the hand farthest from Sir William. ’Twas certain he would have noticed. Her thoughts raced as she searched for a tale that would sway him from his own determined course.

Stumbling once again, she dropped to one knee. “A moment, if you please.”

Sir William turned. Even under the cover of night, she saw his impatience glinting from his eyes. She must make haste. Pressing up from the ground, she began to rise. Her free hand stole near the neck of her boot. With the slightest movement, she slipped her fingers inside and prayed he did not notice.

She looked up, her gaze softened in hopes of diminishing his ire with her entreaty. “I didn’t intend for my absence to cause concern. I meant to be gone for only a wee moment or two.”

“Did you not?” Sir William grunted. His glare bore into her very soul. “Pray tell. What am I to think, finding you where you should not be?”

A twitch began to build under her skin.


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