Sparrow by Sarah Moon

Sparrow by Sarah Moon

Author:Sarah Moon
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

The bathroom at school stops being a bathroom when I start watching YouTube videos there during lunch. It starts with the Bots, and then I just let the YouTube gods take me where they will, skipping anything that doesn’t reach that spot right between my heart and my ribs. At first, the song title just makes me laugh; “Shithole” seems pretty appropriate for my current setting. But that’s not what makes me stay. It’s that my feet can’t sit still. It’s that she says “hoping for something to take me off this land,” and I think she might understand. It’s that with her blond curls, light skin, and crazy, fluorescent dress she looks like she could be Dr. K’s daughter. Or that if Dr. K was twenty-five now, this is who she would be. Thinking of Katz doesn’t even bring me down. I’m lost in the bass line, in the lyrics, in my sneakers beating against the stall door and not caring who hears. I download every Weaves song I can find. If I ever figure out who wrote me that note, maybe I’ll tell her (him?) about them. If I ever speak to Katz again, maybe I’ll tell her.


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