Out of the Crisis by Deming W. Edwards

Out of the Crisis by Deming W. Edwards

Author:Deming, W. Edwards [Deming, W. Edwards]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: MIT Press
Published: 2011-11-08T14:00:00+00:00

Fig. 14. Components of cost of service to customers for a typical (hypothetical) electric company.

Fig. 15. Control charts ( and R-) for Boiler No. 3, July 1981. Points out of control received immediate attention.

Fig. 16. Average cost of service to customers (dollars per customer). Average moving range over the three months is used for calculation of control limits.

Samples of oil are now chemically analyzed annually on a statistical basis to diminish failures of cable joints. There has been only one failure in three years. The replacement program of joints saved the electric utility several hundred thousand dollars and has reduced to nil interruptions in service.

This venture into improvement of quality and productivity is not a program with a beginning and an end, but a philosophy that directs efforts at all levels of responsibility towards the more effective use of the resources available to meet the needs of customers.


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