Our World by Mix Little

Our World by Mix Little

Author:Mix, Little [Mix, Little]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781405927437
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 2016-10-19T16:00:00+00:00


It’s a way of defining myself. I wear what I want but I’d describe my style as high fashion and I love experimenting with new designers. Jane Bowler is amazing, and I love Acne. A while ago I came across Marques’ Almeida in Harvey Nichols, in London. The clothes are cool, so different. I bought two really unusual denim pieces that go together, a top and a pair of jeans. I’ve since realized they are quite the designers and Rihanna and Justin Bieber wear their stuff. Fashion is there to be experimented with. I don’t think it’s worth it if you don’t take a risk so I will wear anything. I love bright, vibrant colours – I think that’s my island side. Green is my favourite. White is good because it brings out your tan. I wear a mix of high-end designers and high street. I love Marques’ Almeida, Acne, Dior, Chanel – they’re just some of my favourite designers but I love the high street too. I think accessories are key. It’s good to splash out on them because they’re timeless and you’ll have them forever, although I’m bad with sunglasses. I love Chanel and Dior but I’ve lost so many pairs. I have a thing for Louis Vuitton. Goya is an incredible luxury brand. I’ve got a lovely bag of theirs that my ex boyfriend bought for me. My biggest splurge was probably my Celine bag, I wear it all the time, though, so I don’t feel bad. I appreciate everything I have because when I was fifteen, going to London with £50 to spend, I never ever thought I’d one day be able to buy Louis Vuitton or Celine. I don’t take anything for granted.

I’ve got a lot of clothes and they take over the whole house. Every six weeks I have a clear-out and a tidy, but I can’t keep up and within days it’s messy again. I used to hoard things but now I make a conscious effort to get rid of stuff and give away whatever I don’t wear any more. I have quite a few pairs of shoes. I remember my first pair of designer shoes, the Louboutins I got from management for my twenty-first birthday. They were classic black patent peep-toes, really high, with the red soles, and I was obsessed, strutting round in them. I’ve worn them so much they’re pretty battered now. I also love Guiseppe Zanotti, but they’re statement shoes for special occasions, so I don’t wear them that much.

PERRIE I like to mix it up, be fun and quirky. Growing up, if I saw someone wearing the same thing, I’d want to be different. I’ve got really cool parents. Dad’s in a rock band so I love the ripped tee-shirts and jeans look, and denim, and Mam’s an eighties chick. I’d ask what she used to wear when she was younger and do something similar – ripped jeans, a baggy denim jacket and a big belt.


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