Misha's Promise by Renee MacKenzie

Misha's Promise by Renee MacKenzie

Author:Renee MacKenzie [MacKenzie, Renee]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781988588636
Publisher: Affinity Rainbow Publications
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Ten

An uneven, crumbling walkway leads up to rusted gates that are adorned with poles, the tops of which have remnants of cloth that suggest flags. On either side of the large metal gate sits two huge pillars, crumbling, and standing without benefit of what I assume should be a wall extending from either side.

An outline of a large “J” hangs over the gate and I wonder what the blank area to the right of it once spelled.

Although we could walk around the gate, Yaz goes to it and tugs. It doesn’t budge. She tugs again and it breaks free. She jumps back to keep it from falling on her. The sound it makes when it hits the walkway bounces around and echoes relentlessly.

I look around, as if expecting people to come running at the noise.

A crow calls out beyond us.

Yaz steps over the downed gate and I follow her.

“After you, my lady,” Yaz says with a crooked grin.

“Thank you, darling,” I respond with some weird, made-up accent of which I cannot explain the desire to use. “Please do not forget to secure it behind us.”

She laughs and I feel desire course through me at the melodious sound. My lust comes under control as soon as I think of all the dangers that could be awaiting us inside this curious place.

There is a huge structure of metal pipes or something similar looming in front of us. They crisscross each other and go hundreds of feet into the air.

Yaz cocks her head to see from different angles and the curious look on her face is adorable.

We walk closer to the strange ruins and my mouth continues to gape at the double twisting and turning tracks of metal rail. They run perfectly parallel to one another as they climb high in the air, just to twist and come back around. At places, trees grow between the tracks, while at others, vines wrap around them before reaching to the opposite side.

“What in the world?” I ask.

We exchange a look, then begin to walk along the rusted metal tracks where it dips closer to the ground. She reaches out a hand to touch it. I do the same.

I pull my fingertips away and they are brownish-red with rusty dust.

“It’s almost as if the entire reason for this structure is to hold up these tracks,” Yaz says, continuing to cock her head from side to side as she studies the metal network. “This must be a foundation for the tracks.”

When the tracks curve up to meet the sky and treetops, we walk below them, looking up and following its path with our eyes. The tracks loop in the air, then comes back down. It is at this point, where it comes closer to the ground, that something rests on the tracks.

“A train?” I whisper as we come upon the series of connected cars, the front adorned with a faded image of some beast, all flaring nostrils, teeth, and flashing eyes.

We walk farther alongside, then under, the twisting tracks, craning our necks to better see.


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