Steel Princess: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Royal Elite Book 2) by Rina Kent

Steel Princess: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Royal Elite Book 2) by Rina Kent

Author:Rina Kent [Kent, Rina]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-12-11T16:00:00+00:00



Queens wouldn’t go home.

Nash has been acting like a little bitch and refused to deal with her.

His exact words were ‘Clean your own mess, King.’

So here I am standing with Queens in front of her car.

The rain soaks us both.

So be it, because there’s no way she’s going inside.

Elsa has already been distrustful of me without adding Queens into the mix.

Since the pool incident, I’ve been slowly building back her trust, but everything will be destroyed if Queens is involved.

I can handle it when Elsa lies to herself. I can handle it when she tries to be politically correct, but I can’t have any of that if she completely pulls the fuck away from me.

“You said you’ll fix it.” Queens stomps her feet. “You promised, King.”

“I promised you fuck.”

“But you said —”

“I said nothing. You assumed everything yourself.” I stare down at her. “The game was fun while it lasted, but I’m not playing anymore.”

“You’re not playing?” She huffs. “So when it’s to your benefit, you’re all in, but when it’s not, you just drop it?”

“Exactly. Smarten up, Queens. All what you’re doing is a temporary solution.”

“That’s none of your fucking business.” She grinds her teeth. “I knew you’d change your mind because of that little bitch.”

I push into her and she flinches against the side of her car.

“Watch it. If you call her that one more time, I won’t let you be, Queens.”

“You can do fuck to me, King,” she snarls even though her eyes are glimmering. “You know why? Because Uncle Jonathan is on my side.”

My left eye twitches. I resist the urge to bang her head against the hood of the car.

It’s because of her that Elsa has changed. If she wasn’t being a nosy busy-body, Elsa wouldn’t have slipped from between my fingers the way she did.

Queens should be fucking thankful I value Nash enough not to destroy her.

However, my patience has a limit.

Queens is playing a bigger game than her. Yes, I entertained her idea. Yes, I liked the challenge while it lasted, but not anymore.

It’s time she knows her fucking place.

“How about Nash, then?” I ask in a neutral voice.

Her face contorts. I smirk.

People with fucking weaknesses shouldn’t be going into battle.

“Whose side do you think he’s on?” I ask. “If he finds out your little games, who do you think he’ll lash out on? Spoiler alert. It won’t be me.”

“Don’t you dare, King.”

“Then fucking disappear, Queens.” I loom over her, squaring my shoulders. “This is your final warning. If you threaten what’s mine, I’ll destroy you until there’s nothing left for Nash to pick up.”

Although it’s raining, I can see the tears shining in her eyes.

Since she doesn’t cry, this should mean that my message got through.

I’m about to pull back when a small hand pushes me away. I didn’t hear her approach — and it’s not because of the rain.

Elsa’s blue eyes are glassed over.

They’re blackening and darkening on Queens.

Like the other time, she’s quiet.

So fucking quiet.

Since I was a child, I was attuned to small noises.


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