Marlinspike Sailor's Arts and Crafts by Barbara Merry

Marlinspike Sailor's Arts and Crafts by Barbara Merry

Author:Barbara Merry
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Published: 2014-12-14T05:00:00+00:00

Lark’s head knots and carrick bends added to the original circle of twine on the base of the water bottle that was tied with the fisherman’s knot.

Alternating carrick bends form a diamond pattern on the water bottle.

Place the water bottle on the twine base.

To make the sides and handle for the carrier, follow these steps:

1 Pick up two strands from adjacent carrick bends and tie them into a carrick bend.

2 Continue to tie carrick bends up the side of the bottle in alternating fashion (see diagram). You’ll find that the knots slip out of place quite easily, so using bits of making tape to hold them in place on the bottle will help immensely.

3 When you get to the top of the bottle, tie an overhand knot in each set of strands.

4 Gather four adjacent strands together and loosely tie six square knots with them, wrapping the two outer strands around the two inner strands, to make the handle for the carrier (see Chapter 2 to learn how to tie square knots).

5 Repeat these square knots with the other four strands (see diagram).

6 Make a tunnel-like space down the middle of one set of the square knots. Work the loose ends from the other set of square knots through the space in the first set and out the bottom of the square knots.

7 Repeat this process with the remaining set of loose ends.

8 Pull on each set of loose ends to make sure all the slack is out of the center. Tie a nice overhand knot in each set to stop your work from coming apart.


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